Smart Solutions Hosting

Your ideas – our realization

The things that you need to know about us

We are the company who is providing the stable, fast and secure services for your business

Cloud infrastructure

We providing the cloud based services that give the opportunity to use unlimited resource and modern monitoring

Easy to manage environment

We are ready to provide the GUI interface or command line access to your services and products in order to make development easier

Faster than ever before

The smart caching system on the board. We know how to avoid the delays with the content delivery to your customers

Easy and safe

We always provide the easy to manage products that have pretty nice speed and always secure.

Fast delivery

We have the big expirience on the WEB services development and in most case ready to provide you thw services in 24 hours

The next level

Every time that you need the more resources you are get them when need

Easy driving

No need to think about the tech things. It`s just works, so you can concentrate on your business

Regular backups

The backup is ready. Always ready. We always have a every day copies for past 30, 60, 90 days or … for a few years, depend to your choice.

The same language

Too many hard things happened when the developers can not get the answers or advices. But not with us, just ask

What You See 

Our goal is provide the excellent service with affordable prices. In most cases, you are remember about us in the next time, when is the time to pay invoice 😉

Prices per node for fully managed products:

Cloud hosting


Fully managed hosting in the secure cloud developed for your project.

Cloud reselling


Fully managed reselling. We are ready to provide you the great service, and you can sell it to your customers



The full support for your servers. Including additional software support and 24/7/365 monitoring



The cloud built for your needs. Totally secure, incredible fast, amazing easy to use

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